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Here are all the weapons availible to you in Unreal Tournament

Impact Hammer

Primary Fire: Just hold the fire button, it will automatically release when you touch someone.

Secondary Fire: Rapid impact, can deflect shots if your timing is good enough.

Originally used as a miner's tunneling tool, the Impact Hammer is a hydraulic mashing device that now pulverizes opponents as effectively as it once shattered rock. Use it to demolish your enemies in one of two ways: hit them with quick repeated strikes, or charge it up and let it loose with a single, more powerfull attack.


Primary Fire: The primary fire mode is very accurate, but it is also very slow.

Secondary Fire: Sideways or "Gangsta" mode, the secundary fire mode shoots twice as fast and half as accurate as the primary fire mode.

The enforcer is actually the Automag with a new look. This leightweight yet high-powered handgun is an accurate and potent killer at close or medium range.

Shock Rifle

Primary Fire: Instant energy beam. It looks like a stream of flame.

Secondary Fire: Slower energy projectile

Combo attack: Hit the secondary fire projectile with the primary fire for a more powerfull explosion.
Emitting searing bursts of pure energy, the devestating Shockrifle is an ideal weapon for medium or long range attacks. The primary fire delivers an instant concussion with pinpoint precision, the secondary fire launches a slower energy projectile.


Primary Fire: This gun fires Ricocheting blades.

Secondary Fire: Exploding blades.

A descendant of the Razor Jack, the Ripper features larger blades than its predecessor. The laser-sharp blades ricochet off solid surfaces, making around-the-corner kills not only possible, but easy. The secondary fire causes the blades to explode upon impact, generating a considerable splash radius of damage.

Rocket Launcher

Primary Fire: Launches rocket-propelled grenades that explode on impact.

Secondary Fire: Throws non-rocket-propelled grenades that explode after a few seconds.

Arguably the most popular devestation tool in the tournament, the rocket launcher is an extremely versatile medium- to long-range weapon. Hold and release the primary fire to launch one to six rocket-propelled grenades in a spread formation; the grenades will explode on impact. Press and hold the primary fire, then hit the secondary fire to launch a tight circular formation. Use the secondary fire alone to kick out one to six unpropelled grenades that will detonate a few seconds after deployment.

Flak Cannon

Primary Fire: Fires chunk of hot jagged shrapnel.

Secondary Fire: Lobs a shrapnel grenade that explodes on impact.

This portable enemy blender can deliver instant death at any range. While the rate of fire is slow, the Flak Cannon's destructive power is formidable. The primary fire discharges a concentrated explosion containing several pounds of jagged metal shrapnel. At point-blank range, the result is usually lethal. The secondary fire launches a shrapnel grenade that explodes on impact. Few opponents survive a direct hit from the Flak Cannon grenade.

BIO Rifle

Primary Fire: Fires clumps of toxic sludge.

Secondary Fire: Hold and release to fire a larger clump of toxic sludge that bursts into multiple clumps upon impact.

This unconventional close- to medium-range weapon is more deadly than it appears at first glance. The primary fire spews clumps of toxic sludge that glom onto solid surfaces, and float in water. They explode after a few seconds, causing considerable damage. Some competitors cover the floors, walls and ceilings of narrow hallways with the stuff while running backward to trap unwary persuers. press and hold the secondary fire to load up and fire an enormous blob that will literally splash apart when it hits the surface.

Sniper Rifle

Primary Fire: Normal rifle shot.

Secondary Fire: Zoom in on target.

The fact that its basic design has remained virtually unchanged for decades testifies to the Sniper Rifle's timeless and universal functionality. The primary fire deals out an extremely robust rifle round capable of abruptly ending a competitor's quest for the title of Grand Champion. The secondary fire allows you to zoom in on your target and terminate him with a single shot to the head.

Mini Gun

Primary Fire: Normal firing rate;more accurate.

Secondary Fire: Faster firing rate; less accurate.

As simple as it is dangerous, the minigun features a rotating barrel assembly and an unmatched rate of fire. If the primary fire isn't fast enough for you, try the much faster secondary fire. With a little practice you'll be reducing your opponents to helpless bullet catchers at every oppurtunity.


Primary Fire: Launch a miniature nuclear warhead.

Secondary Fire: Launch and guide a miniature nuclear warhead.

The first time you witness the Redeemer in action, you'll agree it is the most powerful weapon in the Tournament. Launch a slow-moving but utterly devestating misslie with the primary fire, but make sure you're out of the redeemer's impressive blast radius before it impacts. The secondary allows you to guide the nue yourself with a rocket's-eye view. Due to the extreme bulkiness of the ammo, the Redeemer is exhausted after a single shot.

Pulse Gun

Primary Fire: Rapid fire plasma bursts.

Secondary Fire: Steady stream of plasma.

Powerful rounds of burning plasma, a high rate of fire and a vicious secondary attacj make the pule gun a very popular mid-range weapon. The primary fire riddles targets with glowing bursts of plasma. The secondary fire emits a steady stream of incandescent yellow substance.

Chain Saw

Primary Fire: Forward thrust.

Secondary Fire: Side-to-side sweep.

Based on an antique wood-cutting tool, the chainsaw is a devestating melee weapon capable of instantly inflicting massive damage. The primary fire employs a thrust maneuver, while the secondary fire sweeps the blade from side to side.

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