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Lapco Barrels

Lapco barrels have been proven to be extremely accurate barrels. Check out the "Splatter Times" review of the major brands of Barrels. Below is a chart from the "Splatter Times"

Barrel 20 ft 50 ft 80 ft
Dye 5.5 13.5 25.0
Smart Parts 8.5 18.0 28.0
Bob Long 4.0 10.5 26.0
Lapco 4.0 6.5 17.0

As you can clearly see, the Lapco barrels outperformed all the other barrels at all distances. The barrel used in the Splatter Times review was the Autospirit Stainless Steel 12 inch Barrel. One problem with this barrel is that it only shoots smaller paints. Try using larger paints and your gonna be cleaning up a mess. Lapco also produces a Big shot barrel which uses larger paints, so this problem is not that major.

Some pictures will be added soon.