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Air Gun Designs
Automag RT

This is a  top-of-the-line paintball gun for the tournament player. It uses nitrogen, compressed air out of the box! The RT is capable of firing 26 rounds per second Thats Fast! List of features includes:

Reactive Trigger™ (RT) technology capable of an astounding 25+ rounds/sec without measurable shootdown, Designed  for use with high performance compressed gases. The RT valve features a stainless valve body with a lAnodized Aluminum Regulator Body. . Front grip. New tapered barrel with polished stainless steel muzzle brake (see update information shorter barrels. Integral Sight Rail. Built in filter prevents valve contamination and performance degradation.


Same as the 68 automag but with a 8 inch barrel for use in those tight spots, using the minimag means no compromise on looks, or performance

68 Automag

This gun is easily customized and also is a great gun! It doesnt include a barrel though.

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